• Vitamine C
    Sodium ascorbate
    Vitamine C stimulates the colagen synthesis. It is antioxidant, neutralises free-radicals and provides photo-protection.
  • Vitamine A Palmitate
    Retinyl Palmitate
    Vitamine A is know as an active ingredient in the skin queratinisation process. This makes it optimalas ingredient in anti-acné preparations and in products for damaged skin.
  • Vitamine E
    Di-a-tocopherol and tocopherol acetate Biologic antioxidant, protects cellular membranes and prevents de oxidation of the essential fatty acids present in the skin. 
  • Lactoferrine
    Prevention of skin pigmentation / whitening.
  • Ceramide
    Ceramide II
    Ceramides restore the lipidic barrier of the corneum estratus of dry and damaged skin, avoiding water loss and providing a good skin hydratation.
  • Questamide H
    Bishydroxyethyl Biscetyl Malonamide
    Same as ceramide.
  • Borage oil
    Borage Officinalis
    Borage Seed Oil contains important quantities of essencial fatty acids, particularly g-linoleic acid. It is recommended for the treatment of dry skin, fragile nails and atopic eczema
  • Tea extract, Caffeine, Ruscus, Fucus, Ivy The sinensis, Caffeine, hedera helix, Fucus vesiculosus, Hydrocotyle asiática Anticellulitic and antigroove activity, adding up the benefits of each ingredient:
    - Tea and caffeine: lipolitic action.
    - Hedera and focus and hydrocotyle: prevent the formation of water deposits in the cellulitic tissue.
    Some of the ingredients have also soothing and antiinflamatiry properties (i.e. fucus).
  • Empty Liposomes.
    Restoration/Protection of the celular membrane.
  • Organic Silice
    Methylsilanol Mannuronate
    This active principle is very important in all dermatologic preparations because of its action in skin restructuring:
    - Regeneration of elastic fibers.
    - Modification of the skin permeability.
    - Keeping the tissues elasticity. 



    TT-somas (Spanish version)
     A preparation liposome base for its use in a great number of scientific developments, skillful formulations, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.