The following advice should be considered:

  • To put liposomes into physico-chemical stress as less as possible.
  • Not to surpass the 60 ºC.
  • To use the minimum amount of organic dissolvents.
  • To use the minimum amount of surfactant.
  • To keep pH between 5.5 and 7.5.

The ideal galenic form in which the maximum liposome activity is kept, is the watery solution of them.

Nevertheless, when making concessions of the maximum liposome activity in favour of the presentation, the following indications will have to be taken into account:

If the liposome is incorporated in another galenic form (gel, emulsion, etc.) :

  • Gels
    They should contain the minimum amount of thickener since these products retain liposomes and then its penetration decreases.
  • Emulsions
    They should contain the minimum possible quantity of fatty phase and this should also have the maximum possible temperature of transition.
    Liposomes are recommended to be incorporated in the last phase of production.

Stability, innocuousness and activity

The components to be incorporated should be tested individually as well the final formula. Once formulated the end product, it is recommended to verify his effectiveness.

Transtechnics offers to help you as far as the determination of the product stability concerns.