Due to its capacity to work with high lipidic concentrations a high efficiency of the encapsulation of hydrosoluble substances is obtained. The most utilized lipids are the soy lecithin with a purity of 94-98% in phosphatidilcholine. Soy lecithin is primarily utilized for technical and security reasons.
Furthermore, normally intervene in its composition other products in different proportions.
All these components, well known in the pharmaceutical industry, GRAS-qualified, are utilized due to their structural and functional contributions. The following figures show the stability of sodium ascorbate liposome solution (NA), a labile and demonstrative substance, in relation to the parameters studied in order to prove the stability of a product. These parameters are: stability of the active principles and the phospholipids, particle size, pH, and viscosity.

If it is considered necessary it is also possible to undertake studies of the encapsulating capacity as well as leakage of which figures are included. Our experience has demostrated to us that very few techniques of liposomal preparation allow such a high variety for encapsulating distinct active principles.