Our Liposomes

Transtechnics is between the three most advanced liposome producers of the world. This status is the result of a combination of emotional elements, like a passion for perfection that we distilled by means of technical elements and  protocols.

Although there are many methods for the production of liposomes described such as sonication, extrusion, solvent injection method, not all of them are able to produce liposomes that comply with the conditions and requirements of a product, specially pharmaceutical.

A fabrication method must be simple, standardized, replicable and of a reasonable cost. The final product has to be homogenous and stable during a sufficient period of time. The size and other characteristics and properties have to be as controllable as possible. TRANSTECHNICS developed a low energy production method based on the physiochemical concepts that the human body applies for the fabrication of its own membranes and vesicles.

By a simple, replicable method, which is easily transferred from an experimental level to the scale of industrial production, a high quality liposome population is produced that also complies with the requirements of pharmaceutical fabrication methods. TRANSTECHNICS’ liposomes are generally unilamellar and characterized by homogenous particle size and high physicochemical stability. The diameter ranges from 50 to 200 nm depending on the active substance and the lipidic mix. The tools required for the production of the liposomes are limited and widely available in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. One of the major advantages of the technique is the possibility of using unsaturated lipids and encapsulated labile substances without compromising neither the stability of the structure nor the stability of the components. The technique is versatile and it allows, depending on the application and the active product , the utilization of different types and qualities of lipids.