Transtechnics is also involved in basic lines of research such as the analysis of the interaction of the liposomes with cells, tissues, bacteria or virus, calorimetric tests, studies of stability in forced conditions, membrane regeneration, special membrane interactions, etc. As a result of a large number of collaborations with Universities, Scientific Institutions and the Industry, Transtechnics has accumulated a large number of results and experiences that ensure the versatility of the involved techniques and the high quality of the final product. The tests have been carried out with a large number of active principles and pathologies, and by all possible routes of administration. Some of the general basic principles of the liposomes are presented herebelow along with the specific results achieved with some of our liposomes in recent years in order to facilitate the comprehension of the great potential of the techniques involved.

Transtechnic's technology platform offers a wide range of possibilities. Properties for its liposomes could be tailored as per specific needs. Therefore, from the data presented in this document a final conclusion of the technological limits cannot be deduced could be deduced.

Transtechnics disposes og another interesting and demonstrative results that due to their complexity will not be exposed in this document, but that could be available and help in the future when designing and developing customized new applications according to the needs.