The company

Transtechnics is a privately company founded in 1987/88 by Pedro Gonzalez, devoted to the research, development and manufacturing of liposome formulations.

Our customers belong to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and others industries such as textile, paper, etc.

The strength of Transtechnics is based on our scientific staff and know- how built many years of experience in the field of liposomes which allowed us to achieve research and development projects from the very beginning up to the commercialisation phase.

Transtechnics counts with an interdisciplinary scientific team that allows it to develop products of very diverse application ranging from genetic transference to wool-dying techniques or fish feeding factories. Although the most part of research and development projects of TRANSTECHNICS have been carried out as a result of requests coming from the industrial sector, TRANSTECHNCS has developed over the years a deep knowledge about the liposome technology and has opened its own lines of research giving as a result own branded products.