Effect of pure and surfactant-charged liposomes on the stratum corneum

The following study was designed to study:

  • The application of "empty-liposomes" as protective and as repair agents of the Stratum Corneum structure.
  • The effect of "surfactant-liposomes" on the Stratum Corneum with the end to obtain a strategy able to minimize the negative effects of the surfactants on the skin.

The study was made in-vitro and in-vivo.
The surfactant used is octyl glucoside.

Fig. 1 Navite Stratum Corneum.
Fig. 2 Delipdized Stratum Corneum.
Fig. 3 Stratum Corneum Treated With Surfactants.
Fig. 4 Stratum Corneum incubated with PC liposomes and subsequent treatment with surfactant.
Fig. 5 Delipidized Stratum Corneum after treatment with SC liposomes.
Fig. 6 Stratum Corneum treated with PC-OG liposomes.